executive decision

I made one of those decisions this morning that my husband is not happy about.  I, on the other hand, am freaking ecstatic!

We now have garbage service again!  Yippee!

For a little background:

Back when gas prices were getting close to the $5.00 mark, we got a notice from our sanitation company that they were adding a fuel surcharge to our bill.  My husband already thought they were gouging us, so let’s just say, a higher bill didn’t sit well with him.

We canceled.  He has been hauling our trash ever since.  I have been cringing ever since.  May I remind you that we have a child in diapers?  Enough said.

So the deal has been he hauls the garbage and I haul the recycling.  Except that the garbage stinks.  And it sits in the garage stinking up the garage.  Ewww.  Bad smells be gone!

Thus the executive decision.  I made the calls (got a far cheaper rate than we had even before the surcharge, thankyouverymuch) and they are coming Thursday to take away our stinky trash.  I couldn’t be happier.

My husband was a little, umm, shall I say miffed?   (I save these executive decisions for times that I am SURE he has figured out all that is wrong about a situation, but doesn’t want to admit it.)  Sometimes I am met with a sigh of relief.  I take the pressure off and he doesn’t have to eat crow.  I was totally sure this would be one of those instances.  The long pause when I told him of my the new arrangements might indicate otherwise.

But like I said yesterday, the warm winds of Tennessee will be here soon.  I am not spending the spring, let alone the summer, with the smell of rotting trash in my garage.  Just. Not. Doing. It.

(To his credit, it never stayed in the garage more than a few days.  But again, we have diapers in there.  And rotten meat that needs to go away fast,  not sit in the garage after sitting in the fridge too long.)

And just for giggles (actually I guffawed out loud yesterday) mere hours after my post about the pumpkin, the “garbage man” took care of it.  He and Maggie got a shovel and they buried it in the back yard.  I swear.  They “planted a pumpkin patch for next year.”

I guess I got garbage service a day too late.


2 responses to “executive decision

  1. Thursdays, huh? Ours too! We may use the same company. It’s FAR better than taking out it out ourselves!

    Don’t you just love executive decision rights?

  2. Funny! We did the very same thing when we lived in a pay-for-pickup area.

    My husband was never so happy when I gave in and wrote a check for service.

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