her mother’s daughter

Saturday morning with Maggie:

I asked a naked Maggie to get dressed as I was getting in the shower.  I got out of the shower and peeked into her room.  She was sitting on her bed in underwear reading a book.

I picked up her clothes from the floor of my room to find she had slept with some silly putty inside her undershirt and it has molded into the shirt.

She found the undershirts in her closet recently and has insisted on wearing them even as she wonders where the sleeves went.

A conversation from this morning:

“What do you think you would like to do when you are older?” I asked.

“I want to be just like you,” she said.

“What am I like?”

“A mommy.”

“How many children would you like to have?”

“I don’t know.  Children are important.  I don’t know how many I want because that is a big decision.”

Even if I lose it occasionally, I am raising a pretty cool kid.


2 responses to “her mother’s daughter

  1. Very cool kid with a very cool Mom.

  2. I agree. Wise beyond her years, that one.

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