Happy Half-Birthday!

Anyone who had known me for very long, knows that I’m a big celebrator of birthdays.  Including half-birthdays.  Today, my friends, is the half-birthday of this blog.
Six months ago today I started clacking away not knowing if I would have anything to say.  To my surprise and delight there have only been a few days that I have stared at the screen and plunked out something I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read.
In honor of this momentous occasion I have decided to treat you to something I am copying off my Facebook note – 25 Random things about me.  Those of you who double as readers of this blog and Facebook friends, don’t despair!  I have added ten more so you get to know just a few more things you never knew you needed to know about me.

1. I like things to be neat, but I am not a neat person.
2. I played shortstop and third base from age 6 until I got pregnant with Maggie.
3. I was the only girl in the neighborhood the boys would let play home run derby.
4. I loved doing jigsaw puzzles with my grandmother.
5. I hope to be published in some sense of the word by the end of the year.
6. Blogging has become almost an obsession for me.
7. I still can’t believe two awesome little people grew inside my body starting with an egg and a sperm.
8. I was the Photography Editor of my college newspaper.
9. The last 4 numbers of my cell phone are 9499 which is my wedding anniversary – Sept 4, 1999.
10. I had my adrenal gland removed 12 years ago. It had a tumor on it. It was not cancerous, though I would have died if I didn’t have it removed.
11. I got to sit on the court and take photos of Michael Jordan back in 1994. He looked right at my camera. The other photographers got mad at me.
12. I love Law & Order, CSI (Las Vegas), Bones, the Mentalist and Eleventh Hour. But my favorite is The Closer.
13. The doctors have mentioned that Maggie is likely to be 6 feet tall.
14. I still miss my Jeep Sahara all the time. Except when it’s raining, or really hot, or I’m going a long way on the interstate…
15. The first time I ate breaded shrimp, I ate the tails because I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to. I choked on the very last one.
16. I typically am reading anywhere from 3 to 6 books on any given random day.
17. A boy in grade school used to tease me and call me Brigiday. Turns out he was right because now I’m Brigid Day.
18. I just recently figured out what I want to be when I grow up. A writer.
19. I tend to wait until the last minute to get things done.
20. But I also tend to be early to appointments, parties and meetings.
21. I eat chocolate every single day.
22. I dip my fries in mustard.
23. I am a pretty picky eater.
24. I don’t know how to swim.
25. I could sit here and do 50 more of these if it wasn’t time to put the kids to bed.

Bonus 10:
26. I have technicolor dreams that usually frighten others when I begin to describe them.
27. I have flossed my teeth every day for the last 14 months.  Not so much before that.
28. I don’t drink coffee.  Never have.  Never will.  😉 Some people think that is weird.
29. Aside from the occasional glass of wine or sprite, I drink water.  Only water.
30. Dick Van Dyke and I went to the same high school. (just not at the same time.)
31. I have extra skin on the roof of my mouth.  I thought everyone had it until I was about 23 and went to the dentist. They told me only 20% of the population has it.  On the up side, if I ever need a skin graft, they say it’s the ideal skin to use.
32. I regularly use my phone as a flashlight.
33. The closest I have ever come to working a 9-5 job was when I temped for Bank of America in the Investments Division for 2 months.  Answering phones, of course.
34. I try to nap as much as I possibly can.
35. I got my first bong letter today from a magazine.  It hurt a tad, but it really just made me want it more.  I’m so not giving up.

6 responses to “Happy Half-Birthday!

  1. You know what’s really weird? Six of the last 10 apply to me (or almost).

  2. What is a bong letter?

  3. #36 You refused to wear dresses or any girl like clothes from age three to five.

  4. I am SO with you on the napping thing. I plan to do my Facebook list today!

  5. Hmm. Occasional glass of wine? Except for the third Thursday of every month you mean right?

  6. I ALWAYS eat the shrimp tails! On purpose. They are yummy.

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