tired, again

Holy crap.  I just got the shit kicked out of me by 11 two-year-olds.  Yes, I subbed again at my kids’ school.  Maybe because I went in a little grumpy and tired, but dang, those kids were in rare form today.

Just about anything I said stopped mattering around 11am.  That left me 4 1/2 hours to speak directions that would bounce off walls and come back to slap me in the head.  The only one listening?  My sweet boy.

Though there was his not too pretty pushing incident of a much smaller girl.  He wasn’t trying to push her, he just wanted to tell her to pick up the item she had thrown.  The most unfortunate part, of course, being that they were on stairs.  I managed to half catch the small child and she got a scare, but no injuries.

“That’s one time I would rather my child be the pushee than the pusher,” I casually mentioned to the other teacher.

Three minutes later, I got my wish.  But again, more of a scare than much actual injury.  The stairs are extremely deep and there are only three of them, so injury can happen, but it’s not like they are going down a flight.  Heck, these kids could injure themselves on the floor with no bananas in sight.

Last night I sat in a group of mixed company – some stay-at-home moms and some working moms.  Throughout the night I repeatedly heard  I don’t know how you (the other type of mom)  do it.  I am here to say I don’t know how moms that are teachers keep it together all day long and then go home and parent their own children.  Seriously.

 Working at something you like/make enough money to keep doing and then come home to parent is one thing.  Staying at home and having the “perks” of being able to nap during the day occasionally, go to the zoo or have pajama day/s is still tough work when it’s just you and the little ones.  But, good night Irene.  Working all day with a crew of children only to then come home to children is simply brutal.

I’m still mad at the two little dudes who never went to sleep and then woke up the other nine kids.  And they aren’t even my kids (though I was having bad flashbacks of the battle of wills I used to have with Maggie over nap time.)

I adore each child who was in that room today.  Put them all together, on a  Friday, without their regular teacher, without any outdoor time, and you have a recipe for one hectic day.  It makes taking care of my two at home feel like a spa day.

Remind me of that on Monday and Tuesday when I’m scratching at the door trying to get out, complaining about being at home with my two kids.


2 responses to “tired, again

  1. preschool teachers are saints

  2. I hear ya! I feel a special place in my heart for all day care and regular school teachers who have kids of their own at home clamoring for their attention after spending what I’m sure was a looooong day with other people’s kids! I’ll put you right in there with them!

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