my boy

Words my 2-year-old can say:




nana (my mom)

bapa (my dad)






juice (jush)


moon (said once, but of his own volition)

up (only I would know what that one is)



shoes (sounds very similar to socks)

That’s 17 words.  At his age, having less than 50 signifies a speech delay.  We see the doctor today for a check on his ruptured ear drum.  We see the doctor in 10 days for his check up, at which time it would be more appropriate to discuss his speech.  I have a feeling I will be less appropriate and bring it up today.  At least to get the ball rolling and get some evaluations set up.

Mind you, three weeks ago he had only a handful of the above words.  So progress is being made.

It’s my job to look out for him.  It’s my job to help him with the things he doesn’t even know he needs yet – like a hearing test.  It’s my job to intervene in his best interest.

My son is a late talker.  He has pretty much hit most of the milestones late.  So part of me thinks this too will pass and in six months he will be talking away.  The other part of me is pretty sure I am not going to wait six months to find out.  Best case, he has some speech therapy and it helps him.  Worse case, he has a problem and we try to fix it.  Worst case, there is a problem that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

I don’t want him to be perfect.  I want him to be happy.

I know it won’t be any easy path for him if speech is a lifelong problem.  But it will be his path.  And I will do my best to walk down that path with him and pull the tree limbs out of his way for as long as I am able.


6 responses to “my boy

  1. bring it up today. no question.

  2. I agree. Bring it up. You’re Supermom and will have a happy boy no matter what!

  3. we have to be their advocates…its our job. but…..try not to worry too much. my 2nd and 4th children did not talk until they were almost 3. we called gabe’s words “gabanese” up until he was 4. he spoke by 3 but up until 4 only a select few could translate his own special dialect!! you are such a good mom! good luck!

  4. Man it’s amazing how parallel our lives our. With the exception that I’m pro-vaccines, have never slept a night in the same bed as my son and work more than I parent… ok. those are sort of big? How is it that we’re spiritual soul-mates again? The wonderful mysteries of life!

    Seriously though, I understand EXACTLY what you’re going through. T’s appointment for 2 years is Friday and language development is at the top of my list. I need to start a word list – thanks for the gentle nudge…

    HANG IN THERE – you did the right thing.

    • If you are into supplements at all, there is new information that points to fish oil (Omega 3 and Omega 6) as being lacking in the diet of youngsters (and us all.) I have started Nicholas on it and plan on doing a whole post on that and a few other things I have run across. You can get it at Whole Foods and put it in his juice in the morning. Lots of older late talkers had huge language explosions soon after starting a regimin according to The Late Talker by Agin, Geng, and Nicholl.

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