Alas, here I sit again.  After the emotional roller coaster I have been on lately, you’d think I could veg for a day before the next big dive.

We are getting the ball rolling with Nicholas.  The doctor is evaluating him and we will proceed with the next step.  I will say, she seemed to feel that I had set the bar very high for him, with Maggie as my other set of parameters.  And he said snack, Elmo and show today, so at least he has his priorities straight.  (He has seen Elmo a total of 3 times ever, but we have a toy Elmo.)

In other news, we are having our house appraised on Thursday.  Which gives me a total of a day to get my house into appraisal-worthy shape.  That is one tall order.  I even called my friend/realtor to make sure that cleanliness counted.  I didn’t want to go through all the rigmarole if they were going to breeze through the basement and walk around outside.  But she said clean counts.  So, damn.  Clean, I will.

The weird part for me is that closets are going to be fair game.  I have a big closet.  When company comes, it become a depository for all things random.  I took a peek today and it wasn’t pretty.  How often do friends see the inside of your closet?  And if they do, they are good friends who are not going to pass judgement on you.  But someone I don’t know is going to come into my house and have snooping rights.  I don’t think I like this too much.

But I have a plan.  I figure, they are looking at the house.  Not at our personal belongings.  Certainly not in our personal belongings.  So I am going to play a big game of hide the clutter.

This goes against ever fiber of my being.  Normally if it’s not put away in it’s  real place, I see no point in trying to do a half-ass hide it in a drawer kind of thing.  Well, look out.  Drawers here I come.  Under the bed, here I come.  Car, here I come.  I have a mini-van.  That can hold a lot of stuff.

I even plan on sending the kids to school with fully loaded bags.  Let them take all their hats and scarves and mittens with them.  Then I don’t have to try to find a place for them.

I plan on having a load in the washer and a load in the dryer.  That’s two loads of clothes that will be invisible.

I have only one hope —  that they don’t look behind the shower curtains… I can fake a lot.  But there is no faking when it comes to tubs.


3 responses to “hide-n-seek

  1. I think we’re leading parallel lives here…I have an appraiser coming TODAY. Yes, he called yesterday around 5 and he is coming this morning around 11 or so. I didn’t think about clutter…I, too have closets hiding clutter. Yago isn’t going to school, my trunk is not big enough anymore since we got the double jogging stroller delivered…what will I do?!! Ooh..I’ll send Santi off with a bag. There’s a start!
    At least I took 12, YES, 12! milk jugs to the recycling center yesterday. That doesn’t even put a dent into the garage, though. At least our two cars still fit in the garage…
    Maybe I will have to give in to the Wii request first thing in the morning so that I can get a little bit more prepared?

  2. Luckily he didn’t look in the garage! (I have enough cardboard boxes to fill a whole container…)

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