Whew.  Made it.  Actually I was so excited the kids were in bed I almost forgot to double back and blog.  Yikes!

I am pleased to announce that I had a very productive day.  I caught up on some projects dating back to August.  It was getting a bit ridiculous, but progress has been made, so here I am.

I have been going rounds with Maggie lately.  I know there is something beneath the surface that we must figure out.  But the surface had been enough to almost put me over the edge lately.

Her newest mad-skill is to look at me, listen to what I say, and continue to do whatever the hell she wanted to do anyway.  Fun.

I was talking to her in her room the other day about the importance of wiping (not to be confused with whipping.  This is wiping, as in, after one goes the restroom.)  She has no interest.  Can’t be bothered.

“What is the one thing you would hate for me to take away or say you can’t do?” I asked.


“OK.  No TV until you can show me on a regular basis that you are wiping and taking good care of your body.”

“Accctuuualllyy mom, (scanning the room) I was wrong.  Uhm, it’s not TV, it’s this owl right here.” (points to stuffed owl that had been pulled out of stuffed animal cabinet by her brother.)

“Nice try.  It’s still TV.”

And guess who has wiped herself every time for the last two days?  Well, yes, actually, we both have.

Too bad that scenario is only going to work once.  Next time I ask her what she would hate to not have,  she is likely to answer “broccoli.”


4 responses to “actually…

  1. o brig…u so crazy. you make me laugh. so glad to hear of your fruitful day. i am afraid i will never catch up so what did i do? just quit trying…yep…dont care anymore. i am not very good at doling out “jobs” for the rest of the 20 people that live in this house because, in my warped head, it is much easier IF its going to get done, to get it done right <<<<<(im sure that previous sentence was so grammatically incorrect). until i am ready to do that, i will not complain and live as a pig. pigs are cute.

  2. Glad to hear that you are both wiping… no matter what our husbands say, it’s NOT an overrated activity!

  3. 🙂 That blog just made my morning!

  4. i am proud of you.

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