Saturday questions

My question of the day:

Why does my name show up in black instead of blue when I comment?  This means you can not link to my site from a comment.  This bothers me.  What did I do wrong?  How do I fix it?  (I realize that was more than one actual question.)

I signed up for Site Meter about 2 weeks ago.  Yippee for me.  Except I did something wrong and all my stats say zero across the board.  I know I am not “hawt” or anything, but I know I have had at least one hit in the last two weeks.  (Because at least once I have hit the wrong button and ended up on my own site.  And I know it doesn’t count our own, but from my phone it sometimes does.)  (So if I’ve had crappy hits I sometimes go to my own site from my phone just to cheer myself up.)  Ha!  Any suggestions of how I screwed up Site Meter?  Any tricks I should know? I did do it from my phone and not from my PC, so that might have something to do with it…  And there is no mention of it on my blog, which seems wrong.

I started on one of my projects this morning.  It went HORRIBLY.  I was cussing and yelling and finally had to walk away (and my time was up, so it was back to child-wrangling.)  Can’t WAIT to try again tomorrow…

Oh, and I remembered one more thing to tack onto my list of things I dread.  I closed my home business because of the paperwork and taxes and junk.  And it’s tax time.  And I have to turn these in by the 20th of January.  I hate this part.

So I will take my foulness and move on now.  I hope to write again tomorrow, assuming I can get through the tasks that I have to get done to have the reward of blogging tomorrow.


8 responses to “Saturday questions

  1. Trying to answer my own question…

    Woo hoo! I think I’m blue now!

  2. Thanks for letting me think out loud. I revisted Site Meter and figured it out too! Though I have it hidden because I can’t figure out how to have it there but not let everyone and their brother see my stats. That would be worse than showing you my underware.

  3. Help me too then. I installed it but it isn’t counting my stats yet…(I too connected from my phone to get a hit!) 😉

    on the links page you can choose if you want the link to be visible or not…

  4. I misread your comment. I see you already have it hidden. I have mine hidden too. 🙂

  5. ok…I figured out how to hide reports…may eventually figure out how to get the program correclty loaded…


  7. i see you figured out how to allow people to request to see followup comments

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