It’s bad.  It’s very bad.  I have been procrastinating on a few projects that I could probably knock out in 2 days time, assuming I ever got two days time to work on anything related just to me.  But it’s on a whole other level now.  I can’t start.

I could start.  I could be starting right now.  But instead I blog.  And I blogged a mini-series yesterday when I was supposed to be working.  Bad.

One project isn’t even that bad, I just haven’t sat down to start.  Once I start it will not be horrible, I might even enjoy it.  But it’s sitting down to start that I’m having a hard time with.

The other I am Dreading (that capital D is totally intentional.)  It’s like a huge magnet is dragging my body away from the task.  It’s actually quite pathetic. 

Since tomorrow is Saturday, I would normally try to dig in, but Mike will be gone most of the day/night.  So Sunday I am totally digging in.  I am not coming out until I am done.  (OK, maybe I’ll go eat breakfast first and then start…)  I will blog tomorrow, assuming I have something better than today to drivel on about.  But you won’t see me Sunday until my work is done.  I am drawing the line in the sand. 

Part of the problem is that neither task has a specific deadline.  I must have a deadline.  Without a deadline I am nothing.  And I am usually getting down to business about 24 hours before any given deadline.

So I am giving myself a deadline in the hopes that will help.  (Except it probably won’t because I am me, and I know that it is not really a deadline, but a pretend deadline.)  See you tomorrow.  And I hope with all my heart to see you the next day too.


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