Tuesday tidbits

Is it still Tuesday?  I don’t know about everyone else, but this has been the longest first week of the year in years.

The good: Nicholas is a million times better.

The bad: I am a week behind on my cleaning schedule.  Already.

The ugly: Nicholas is soooo much better he has become a one-man destruction tornado emptying drawers he can’t even reach.  (He now carries a stool with him to peer up onto the counters he can’t reach, where all important things go, to be dealt with later.) This stool thing might just kill me.

Maggie moment: Reason number 65 not to purge…  Maggie went to the Y this weekend with Mike while Nicholas and I stayed home so he could burst his ear drum.  Maggie came home with three pictures she had traced from stencils at the Y care-center (I can’t call it a nursery, she’s 4 now.)  A woman (me), a house and a boat.  Many times in the last two days I have thought about trashing said pictures because I am purging, right?

This morning she got hard to work cutting the pictures out.  Ten minutes of uninterrupted activity is so worth not trashing them.  But the best part came next.  She handed me the woman who was cut out.

“This is you mommy.  You are kind of curtsying.”

Translation: she cut my leg off.  And most of one arm.  And if you squint it totally looks like I am curtsying (as if I would ever do such a thing.)  Just think, I could have missed this, the funniest moment of my day.  Purging is over-rated.

I was a non-impressive mother today.  Borderline bad.  But my husband should be home in an hour or so and we are all in one piece.  I am going to call it a success and move on.  I can be super-mom tomorrow.

On another topic altogether, I read on a blog today that blogging 7 days a week is too much.  I am being totally uncool without even knowing it.  So now I am faced with the decision – continue with my 7 day a week blog and say to hell with ’em, or give everyone and their readers a break and cut back to 5 days.  What say you?


5 responses to “Tuesday tidbits

  1. you may not cut down to 5 unless you are taken by ambulance to the nearest trauma center with your toe and ear hanging by a thread with snot coming out of said ear. i forbid it i say. what will i read on those 2 days you decide not to blog?? dont make me have anxiety about it k? this is my delurking comment and i heart brigidday’s weblog so dont be going around messin with my schedule like that.

  2. Twice a day, I say. 14 times a week.

  3. What else would I do at 1:37 in the am while I am waiting for a baby to wake up and nurse?
    I’m with Jennifer!

  4. Keep on, keepin’ on!

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