getting started

I have spent most of the last three days (which I guess would make it all year) trapped on the couch, the bed or any other flat surface under a 32-pound weight.  A 32-pound weight that leaks, as in snot and drool.  I am happy to do this, as this is my job.  More than cleaning and cooking, this in my job.  Taking care.

So that is a good intro into the fact that it’s the 4th and I haven’t cooked or cleaned a darn thing since last year.  I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and for lunch yesterday.

I have been mulling over the future of two items in my house (per the great purge of 2009).  One is my favorite laundry container.  It’s one of those mesh bag thingies, but it’s freaking huge.  I can put two loads in it to carry to the basement.  The sad thing is the wires are exposed at the bottom from dragging it down the stairs.  What’s worse, is the wire at the top has poked through (much like an under wire on your favorite bra is prone to do) and has now become a hazard.  One of the children or myself could easily lose an eye on the thing.

I just put it out with the trash.  You have no idea how good awful that feels.  It made laundry a little bit easier.  A little bit more fun (OK, not fun, really, but better than horrible.)  I bought replacements but didn’t get the right size and well, I have no motivation to do laundry now.  This could be a problem.

Example number two of why the purge may take more than a year:

Maggie had a book called Ears, Toes and Nose.  It’s a lift-the-flap book that she loved very much.  She tore a few of the flaps off back in the day, but when I was a parent of one child, I used clear packing tape and fixed the book.  Then came the second child.  The child who is a lot harder on books, to put it mildly.  He loves the book as well, and has proceeded to pull off every flap except three.  And since my life is a tad bit busier with the second, the flaps were destroyed and thrown away instead of neatly taped back on.

For Nicholas’ birthday I bought him a new copy of the book.  As much for my sanity as anything else.  He is picky when it comes to books and likes a certain few, which means we were reading the lift-the-flap book that contains no flaps about 6 times a day.

So we have a new book.  That leaves the old three-flap book in the dust.  Except I can’t bring myself to throw it away.  Something about books.  Books don’t go in the trash.  But I certainly can’t donate a three-flap book either.

I actually thought about removing the flaps and storing them in case the new book loses those flaps.  What am I?  Freaking insane??  Today I will try to part with the old book, flaps and all.

Are you starting to understand how hard this purge is going to be?  I am.  But I will have let go of two things.  It’s a start anyway.


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  1. YOU are your generation’s Erma Bombeck!

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