Has another day passed?

The walls are closing in a bit.  I am getting cabin fever like nobody’s business.  Just ask my family.  They are about to start calling me the grouch.  Except Nicholas.  He is calling me mama.

And he has been calling me all day long.  Pretty much I have not been more than two inches from the poor boy all day, but if I’m only holding one hand he pathetically cries “mama” and limply puts his other hand up.  He’s definitely a hand holder.  And only mama will do.  (I love being his safety person, I do.  I just wish I could get a time out every hour or so.)

The night was a bit more calm than I predicted.  Except for the hive breakout.  Around 2 am after a diaper change, Nicholas started kicking his feet, pulled his socks off and started itching.  I checked out his legs to find welts and hives covering both legs appearing as fast as I could move his leg to see more.  Then to his arms.  I ran to get the Benedryl and then watched for an hour or so to make sure they were in fact getting better.

After a little on-line research my best guess is that he actually had an allergic reaction to the virus that he has.  Good times.

So I formulated a “he’s not breathing, here’s the plan” plan in my head just in case.  Hives can occasionally lead to breathing problems.  Nothing freaks me out more in the middle of the night than breathing problems (even vomit, and that is saying something!)  It involved alerting my husband, having him meet the ambulance on the street because everyone always passes our house, taking off my rope and throwing on a sweatshirt, (hoping no one would look too closely at the rest of me) and possibly having a neighbor watch Maggie.

Good thing the hives went away.  But you can never have too many emergency plans, only too few emergency plans.

I totally was going to give the one-sentence update and move on to something that might actually be interesting to everyone, but alas, that has not happened.  I really will try to have something of interest to say tomorrow.  Assuming I get to leave my house.  I was going to say maybe even just to check the mail, but I can’t even do that because tomorrow is Sunday.


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