blah, blah, blah

I was so positive yesterday.  So upbeat.  So full of hope.

False hope.

This is always the way with me.  The end of the year comes.  I spend the last month or two reviewing my life.  Then I come up with a list of intentions, or resolutions, or whatever you want to call them.  And on New Year’s Eve I am full of glee for all that the new year can bring.

Then the morning comes.

And life is pretty much what it was 24 hours ago, I just can’t write a check now because I will mess the date up for the next month.  (Though check writing is such a thing of the past, even for a non-techie like me.)  Nothing has changed.  The house is still a mess, the scale says the same thing (though if it went back to lying to me, I might be OK with that.)

OK, there is the possibility that I just created a link for the first time.  That would be cool if it works.   I just hope I linked to the intended target – thought I would practice on myself before subjecting anyone else to my derelict linkage.

But back to whining.  My Wii person, or Mii, or whatever I am supposed to call myself even looks like a dull old mom.  And I made her look as close to myself as possible.  What does that say?

I did kick some ski jumping butt.  Well, at least in Wii novice-land where I live.  It actually ranked me as professional.  I take that as a huge compliment since on many other things it has asked me if I trip a lot when I walk.  No lie.

I have also realized on this, another pajama day, that I am becoming scarily attached to my slippers and my robe.  Good grief.  A robe.  My latest fashion statement is a robe because it keeps me warm and covers my pajamas to help me feel less frumpy.  I am using a robe to feel LESS frumpy.  Someone come here and drag me out of the house.  (Please dress me first.)


3 responses to “blah, blah, blah

  1. I thought of you today because Yago and I had a total pajama day! WOOHOO!

    We should trade Miis! Our Miis look like us too, but Santi’s is probably the closest to him. We finally deleted the tens of Benjamin Franklins that Yago had downloaded into our Mii Plaza. (there are contests to submit Miis and then people vote and you can download their Miis…I didn’t know this existed. YAGO found it.) Yes, he navigates through the menus better than I do. We are limiting Yago’s Wii playing to 30 minutes a day (unless I need a little more time to get ready when I’m alone!) 😉 Today he didn’t ask for it all day long which made for a pleasant day!
    I hoped to feel different today, and didn’t make much progress toward my resolutions either. Luckily we have another 364 days to achieve our goals for the year!

  2. Oh but a pj day is soooooooo much fun! Especially when paired with a Bloody Mary! Happy New Year and best wishes for a year full of dressed (in whatever form) goodness!

  3. You are hilarious. Seriously. I chuckle at almost every post.

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