My very own flesh and blood daughter just maimed me.  She was stuck in her turtleneck and I was kneeling by the tub getting the water to the right temperature.  She stepped (with all 46 pound of her weight) on my ingrown toenail.  The nail was trapped between the hard ceramic tile and her lovely foot.  OMG!  It was all I could do to cry for help and not use the only drop of adrenal in my body to hurl her from the room!  I managed to stumble from the bathroom and get my husband’s attention before having a full blown crying spell.  The never-ending joys of parenting…

I found out today that I have a diagnosis.  Well, actually, from reading another blog I figured out that my crazy phobia of vomit actually has a name – emetaphobia.  Ha!  Who knew?  I read a little about it on Google, and while I definitley qualify, I am not the worst case out there.  I had children assuming it would get better when it was my own kids’ vomit.  Not so much.  But some people choose not to have children.  I’m glad I’m only pretty bad and not horribly bad.  But teaching is so out of the question.

I, too, have joined the ranks of list crazy people on listplanit.com.  I can’t wait to get going on my monthly cleaning schedules and even on spring cleaning.  I figure since I skipped spring cleaning last spring I might as well try winter cleaning.  It was 65 degrees today, for pete’s sake.  Truth be told, though, I would rather sit at the computer and print out lists and type into lists than actually do what is on said lists.  I haven’t  even been keeping my online mailboxes clean…

We got Wii for Christmas and hooked it up today.  I’m pretty stoked.  And I got Wii Fit from my husband (at my request) so maybe a little yoga will help get me centered for all the crazy cleaning and organizing coming my way.  Unless, of course, I become a Wii addict and the piles in my house grow taller than me.  Luckily for me, one of the lists I printed out delegates jobs to the toddler, the preschooler and the husband.


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