Christmas past

Two years ago today I sat on the couch with what seemed like a beach ball under my skin.  I was preparing for life with two children.  Life with one child was wonderful.  Life with two children seemed downright scary.

This birth was particularly complex compared to the first one.  The first involved me, my husband and the baby.  This one involved an 18-month-old sibling.  Very different.

I decided to schedule the c-section for 2 weeks earlier than the due date.  I was nervous about this, to say the least.  I was petrified I was doing harm to my unborn child.  My doctor reassured me that he would be fine.  It also worked that my husband could take more time to be with us.  My family could take more time to be with us and my daughter was starting school the following Tuesday.  I had become the mother who let the calendar decide when a person would be born.  Nevertheless, we went ahead with our very scheduled birth.

And he was great.  Two weeks early he was 8 1/2 lbs.  Had I gone the other two weeks they predicted another 2 pounds.  Ummm, no thanks.  I was so relieved to find out that everything was fine.  His schedule fit our schedule.  Whew.  And he moved off the nerve he’d been squishing for 2 months (literally) which made me very happy.

Back when I had Maggie, I didn’t realize that she wasn’t crying when they first swept her over to the cleaning area.  The doctor was talking to me about my great abs.  Ha!  I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Only after I heard the cry did I realize the doctor was distracting me with ab talk so I didn’t freak out.  (I still wonder if the ab talk was sincere or total BS to keep my attention.)

So with number two I was waiting with my head craned to the side.  I didn’t have to wait long.  He let out a huge squeal.  The sound of hearing him cry for the first time was so amazing.

I spent what seemed like two weeks in recovery due to an epidural “mishap” that left me numb on one side for a good 4 hours.  I couldn’t get out of recovery until I could move both legs.  At one point I remember thinking “What happens if this leg never moves.  When do I get to see my baby?”  But slowly, slowly, sllllooooowwwly, I got motion back and was released to my room.  Nicholas had been sleeping the whole time in the nursery.  We met again in the room and he set to eating.  (He hasn’t stopped eating since.)

I have pictures and video thanks to my mother-in-law’s husband.  I know what was going on when I wasn’t there and for that I am forever grateful.  My husband never let our baby out of his sight.  (He knew there would be hell to pay if our baby was given a shot or a pacifier or other countless things I had forbidden.)

In a few days my little bundle will turn two – weighing in at 32 pounds and saying about as much as he did that day he was born.  For two years, I have been counting the many ways that I am the luckiest mom around.


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