counting the days

I have been counting the days for what seems like an immeasurably long time.  I am getting so excited.  I can barely stand it.

But before the joyous day can take place there are a few other days to celebrate in the mean time.  Christmas is all but upon us and I am finally ready for it.  Well, I’m as ready as I think I will ever be (minus the gift card that is MIA and may need to be replaced before Christmas Day.  What a drag.  That certainly won’t happen in 2009 when I’m ultra-organized.)

Saturday we will celebrate my son’s birthday.  We will celebrate on Sunday as well, since that is actually his birthday.  The party will be Saturday so more family can attend before heading out of town.  It’s hard to believe that he will be two years old already.

The New Year will come and go.  Always a time of reflection for me.  A time to set goals for next year.  A time to give myself a pat on the back for all that I did accomplish,  and cut myself some slack for what didn’t get done.

But the day I am waiting for, the day that keeps capturing my silent moments is January 20th.  I am eagerly awaiting the swearing in of our new president.

It can’t all be fixed in a day, but we can start heading in the right direction.  The damage may take many years to recover from, the lives not able to be replaced.  The mistakes were too many.

I have hope that under our new leader we will be able to fix some of the wrongs.  I hope we will begin to address global warming.  I hope we will make health care available to all.  I hope we will extend marriage rights to all  people, not just a chosen group.  I hope our battered economy will begin to heal.  I hope our schools will benefit from having a scholar at the helm.  I hope women’s rights will continue to move forward instead of decades into the past.  I have so much hope.

Twenty eight days and counting…


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