change is coming

Reasons I will get organized in 2009:

I realize I should bring a hostess gift to a party when I am exactly three blocks from arriving at the party.  Not too convenient.

I still haven’t “found” my shipping labels, after losing them, finding them and then losing them again.  That’s just plain annoying.

I overspent on holiday gifts  towards the end because I just didn’t care anymore.  I wanted it done more than I wanted them to be thoughtful.  Very bad.

I want to teach my children to respect their environment.  I need to set a better example in our home.  Now.

It would make my husband very happy.  Enough said.

If I could get back all the time this year I spent looking for things in my own house, I could take a killer-long nap.  Naps are good.

I enjoy neatness.  I don’t practice neatness, but I enjoy it.  Change is coming.


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