time to make the donuts

As part of the silent auction fundraiser for the kids’ school, the teachers donate outings with a lucky child whose parent bids the most.  Maggie was that lucky child a few times over.  (I did opening bids and kind of thought others would outbid me, which alas happened with a few, but then I decided those were the ones I really  wanted and therefore bid higher.  Good grief.)

Yesterday was Donut Day.  One of the assistant teachers is lucky enough to be the daughter of the mom and pop who own a very popular local mom and pop donut shop.  And Maggie was lucky enough to win the trip to make the donuts.

She was a pig in shit.  I kid you not.

To start with, Maggie has had about 3 donuts in her entire life.  She loves them, but we don’t let her have them except on very special occasions.  She calls them “candy bagels” since she is familiar with bagels, but much prefers the ones that are fried and topped with frosting and sprinkles.

Just knowing that she was going to get to go to the donut shop that has the blinking lights outside the door had her smiling.  Finding out she would get to make donuts and eat donuts was almost more than she could take.

When I came back to pick her up she gave me a look that I am getting used to seeing.  It is a look of “Go away, mom!”  That is what I was greeted with when I came at the appointed time to retrieve her.  She was having so much fun she couldn’t dream of leaving.

She was rolling out dough, cutting it with cookie cutters, decorating with frosting, tasting a bit of cream filling while watching them cook in the hot oil.  It was fantastic.  She even got to decorate a 14 inch donut.  Yes folks, you read that right, 14 inches.  Think big, like bigger than a pizza.

The “pop” was there as well as the teacher.  They couldn’t have been sweeter to Maggie, and to Nicholas and myself when we came to try to pry her out the door.  We left with boxes and boxes of donuts and cookies and the 14-inch donut and a chocolate milkshake, for good measure.

Hello.  Sugar, anyone?

Thus, the volcano reference from yesterday seemed quite possible.  She managed to get settled back in bed without incident.

Then I went downstairs to visit with my parents who are in town for the holidays.  I told them about her “erupting volcano” complaints about her tummy.  The joke was on me.  My mom and Maggie had read a book before bed about a volcano erupting.  So she was being dramatic in an effort to stay up late.  And I fell for it.  And I will again.  Tummy upsets are my Achilles heel.  Suffice to say we limited her donut intake today and there have been no tummy issues.

The donuts will begin to get stale by tomorrow, I’m sure.  But the outing was a total hit with her and I’m thrilled that I was able to make it happen.

I almost forgot my favorite line…

In the car right before I dropped her off I asked her what she should say when she is ready to leave.  Obviously I was looking for her to say “thank you.”  Her response: “I want to go home now.”  Makes.  Total.  Sense.  Though I wonder how long I would have had to leave her there to get her to utter those words.


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