here somewhere…

My brain hurts.  Here’s why:

Four days ago, as I was getting a few packages ready to ship, I looked in a few places for my USPS address stickers.  I have about 500 of them because a local mailing center was going out of business and the guy told me to take all I wanted.  And I did.

So I look in the three most likely places.  No luck.  Of course, you don’t need a sticker to mail the box, but I have them and I like to use them so that’s what I do.  Except when I can’t find them.  Then I write on the box and it looks messy.

Then two days ago I am doing something totally unrelated and presto – there are the 500 mailing stickers.  I new they were somewhere, I thought to myself.  Now I will know where they are the next time I have a package to mail which should be in two days.

Today.  Can’t find the bleeping stickers.  Looked in the three places that I looked the first time.  The three places where they were not four days ago.  Can’t for the life of me remember where they were two days ago when I happened upon them.

So I wrote on the boxes again.  And it looked messy again.  And I was so agitated at not being able to find them that I forgot to put a note in one of the boxes and sealed it.  And you know what?  I didn’t open it back up.  I plan on e-mailing the person to tell them I’m crazy and explain what the note would have said.

I did clean off my desk two days ago and I feel like I can breathe again.  A little.  But the rest of the house is closing in on me.  I think a purge is coming on.  I have the best intentions when I try to purge, but then the saver in me comes alive.

Good lord. I just typed the words about a purge and my daughter tells me her tummy hurts.  I asked her what it feels like and she said “like a volcano that is getting ready to erupt.”  She will now sit in the bathroom until further notice…

My brain hurts.


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