many ways

Today was the first day of subbing where I wished I had said “no.”  All in all, it was a pretty easy day.  I think I just felt a little overwhelmed at moving my to-do list one more day forward.  I’m kind of running out of days here.

It’s amazing to watch the dynamics that occur in a group of two-year-olds.  Talk about chain reaction!  I was in the room with my son all day.  Only once did he give me the “are you gonna let them get away with that” look.  He’s adapted so well that the days of worry seem forever ago.  It’s amazing to see how all of the children have changed and grown in the couple of months since I was last in that room.

My daughter asked me yesterday if we celebrate Hanukkah.  I tried to explain to the best of my abilities, while remembering that she’s four.  I love that her school embraces many different cultures  so she has an awareness of what is out there.

I sent Maggie over to the neighbor’s house with their Christmas gifts.  She had a flashlight since it was already dark.  I watched her through the window.  She carefully walked through the yard, watching for the slope.  Then she got to their walk which is well lit.  In fact, so well lit, that she set the packages down for a moment to touch a new lawn decoration they have.  It kind of cracked me up that she was so enamored she had to set the gifts down and touch it.  Looking just wouldn’t do.  Our neighbors happen to be two men.  I love that she is able to witness that families can be made up of all sorts  of combinations.

One of the things I hope to teach my children is not only tolerance, but acceptance.   Our way does not mean the right way or the only way.  Taking the time to investigate why someone does something differently is a wise investment in the future.  Simply repeating the past because that is the way it was done before moves us all backwards. 

Sorry for the last minute ramble.  It’s been a tough bedtime tonight and I’m tired, but I’m also determined that I’m going to go relax on the couch.  Fighting to stay awake while fighting to get someone else to sleep is quite exhausting.


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