catching on

Nicholas is totally catching on.  By the time I realize he has caught on to something, that typically means he caught on a while ago and I’m the one just catching on.

Latest example:

Nicholas and Maggie are playing in the next room, out of eye contact but well within earshot.  Nicholas screams.  Either hubby or myself goes into room and assesses the situation.  Maggie looks guilty and gets blamed.  Instructions are given.  Situation returns to previous arrangement.

And happens again.

And again.

And Maggie is now pleading that she didn’t do anything.

So I watch from around the other door, which neither of the little ones realize.  And guess what?  Nicholas is totally wreaking havoc and making sure Maggie gets blamed. 

Now to be sure, there are times when she swings him a little too hard, she picks him up a little too much or she “trades” a toy with him.  But the boy has definitely learned a thing or two in the last couple weeks.

“Trading” a toy is classic.  It still makes me laugh.  At their school, possession is ten/tenths of the law.  As in, if you have it, it is yours until you set it down.  No sharing is demanded.  Little people are allowed to have an item all day long as long as they are using it.  If you want it, you wait for it.  I love the method, personally.

So Maggie figured out long ago that she could tempt Nicholas with another shiny object, thereby getting him to drop whatever toy she coveted.  Once he walks away, it’s hers to grab and proclaim ownership (temporarily, anyway) and play with. 

My favorite is when she says “Nicholas, go look out the window.”  And he does, leaving his toy behind.  She smiles like a cheshire cat.

Well, little cheshire cat, beware.  Your young padawan is learning from the best and he’s catching on quickly.


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