pajama day

One of Maggie’s favorite things is a pajama day.  First thing this morning she asked if today was a school day.  When I replied with a “no” she pleaded for a pajama day.  Coming off being sick for a few days, I have had more pajama days than I can count.  But, hey, what’s one more?

So we all stayed in our pajamas.  It was a cold, rainy, yucky day anyway. 

A little before lunchtime I got an itch for some Steak ‘N Shake.  A sure sign that I am, in fact, finished being sick.  A friend just told me that SNS was having some financial difficulties and had filed some sort of bankruptcy.  I almost wept.  I have been eating SNS for as long as I can remember.  Particularly through high school, college and post-college life.

So in an effort to keep it a pajama day, and yet feed the beast, we hopped in the car in our pajamas and headed for the drive thru.  This was one visit in which I am particularly grateful we weren’t involved in anything weird that would have resulted in us getting out of the car (accident, flat tire, pulled over by a police officer, etc.)


FYI – there was a sign up that said “kids eat free” (inside dining only), on the weekends.  I may have to take advantage of that little offer.  And also “Happy Hour” from 2-4 where drinks and shakes are half price.  I may have to take advantage of that offer too.  If you wanted to, you could too.  Then SNS would not really go bankrupt and I can go on to live a happy life.  Thanks.

I told Maggie during her bath tonight (before they changed into clean pajamas – it was a long day!) that we would have to cherish these pajama days.  The real world is gonna come in and kick our butts next fall when she starts kindergarten.   Pajama days will be few and far between starting in a few months.

I think I will miss them just as much as she will.


One response to “pajama day

  1. I had a pajama day the other day! (I fell asleep in my clothes so it wasn’t quite the same, but I stayed home and didn’t see any reason to change!)

    I love the idea and will have to institute it here in our household!

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