cheese nugget

I’m about to get all cheese nugget here.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term cheese nugget – read on.

I had my writing group tonight.  I love my writing group.  I read a poem in front of my writing group tonight.  When you begin writing and reading poetry  and personal stories in front of others, you know you are among friends.

Except today I had a crisis of sorts.

I began to wonder if I was liked.  I began to wonder if I talk to much.  I began to wonder if I don’t talk enough (not likely, but you get the drift.)  I became a creature full of self doubt.

My hope for the evening was that I would get there and it would feel like I was being welcomed in by old friends.  Though we are relatively new friends, by all standards.

My fear was that I would let this self-doubt creep in and begin to watch what I said and how I said it.  That I would become someone I am not, so that I would be liked.

How relieved was I to be welcomed in by old friends.  Like we have been doing this once a week for years.  Rarely a dull moment with these ladies.  And to boot, my poem was well received.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

One friend gave us all a small charm (from – who doesn’t love Etsy) that has the word “write” on it.  She said we could wear it as a necklace or put it on a key chain or whatever we wanted to do with it.

So I came home and got some thread out.  I used a length of thread for each member in our group and tied it around my neck.  Our strength comes from working together and sharing.  Our individual threads create a story of women by women.  Of mothers by mothers.

I am so pleased and proud to be a part of this wonderful group. 

(And that, my friends, is a good example of cheese nugget.)


5 responses to “cheese nugget

  1. I wish I had made everyone REREAD their poems instead of reading them myself. I missed a lot, but at least I got to participate this time! I love our group!

  2. I could have written so much of this! I’m with you on the self doubt. But our group pretty much rocks, huh? 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  3. Ditto Brigid. Ditto Shab (about the loving our group thing). Ditto Anne. And I’m sure ditto to the rest of the mamas who will read this and want to comment in the same manner. This group has been a light in the dark for me in this journey called Motherhood. Thanks for all the potty, tooth brushing, and other tips!

  4. POOP!!!
    Oh, and I love you guys enough to bare my soul – naked and dimpled as it is!

  5. Okay. Now I’m really, really sorry I missed Monday night. I think everyone feels this way–especially when we bare our souls like we do. Hey…am I going to get to see that poem of yours?

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