weekend wrap-up

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I sat for most of the day today.  I wish I could say the house was peaceful all day, but the family didn’t quite get that I still wasn’t feeling well.  I actually set the time-timer*** for fifteen minutes to see if Maggie could go that long without touching her brother.  She did.  And that was the only 15 minutes of the day that she didn’t spin, pull, drag or pummel him.  He came to find her to see what was wrong.  No lie.

***The time-timer is a wonderful tool I would suggest to any parent with children too young to tell time.  It looks like a clock face and you can set it for one-minute increments up to one hour.  The part you move turns red so it is very obvious how much time is left.  As the time winds down the red goes away.  It is a very visual tool to help learn the concept of passing time. It rocks.  And no, I don’t work for them.  It’s useful for us especially at bedtime and times like today, when I needed fifteen minutes of peace.  You can get them at timetimer.com for about $35.  They are also useful in classrooms. 

I had another “sliding door” moment (if I knew how, I would give the link here to my sliding door post.)  I was pretending to be well for a little while yesterday to get Maggie to her friend’s birthday party, back when I believed that I would only be ill for 24 hours, like I was promised. 

I got out to the car and Maggie told me her seat wasn’t there.  Mike had taken her the night before to the Holiday program so it was in his car.  I grumbled, like I do, and sorta huffed inside sing songing “Honey, where are your keys?”  He realized and quickly came out to switch the seat. 

So we left about 3 minutes later than we would have.

On the interstate, mere moments from my house we approached a five car accident.  It had JUST happened.  Maybe 3 minutes or so ago.  People were still getting out and calling 911.  There were two other cars pulled over on the other shoulder.  The weirdest part was there was hardly any traffic.  I couldn’t figure out how that many cars could hit when there would be no reason to even be that close to each other.

About two miles down the road I saw two deer standing on the shoulder.  Things started to make a lot of sense.  What a horrible and scary way to start the day.  Much worse, I would say, than having to move a booster seat.  Point taken.

I did a foolish thing today.  I was back on broth and crackers since the grilled cheese from last night did me no favors.  I have been starving all day, but stuck with the crackers and it seemed to be working for me.  Then we sat down to watch a show as a family and my hubby plunked down a bowl of caramel corn.  I kid you not.  I resisted for about 15 minutes and then fell to the siren’s call.  I will either be healed by morning or I will be dead.  You’ll know if this is my last post.


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