I was absent again yesterday due to utter exhaustion.  I think I might need to be brief tonight, for fear of regaling all of you with stories of bodily fluids.  No one wants that.  So I will try to sum up the last few days;

1. Foreshadowing is a bitch.  “I’m not worried about him.  He’ll eat anything.  You can empty the refrigerator and he’ll be fine.”  and “Luckily, my kids aren’t pukers.”  Yes, these were things said by me within 24 hours of being awoken at 1:15 am to my son throwing up in my bed.  He emptied the refrigerator right back at me.

2. I.  Don’t.  Do.  Vomit.

3. I took care of my beloved child.  I cleaned the vile bile.  I went into mini-shock and didn’t sleep the rest of the night.  And then began my own form of the bug.

4.  I have followed both kids around (only one is sick, but you never know…) with spit-up buckets in an attempt to control an uncontrollable situation.

5. I willed myself not to throw up during this whole debacle using will power and sensory imagery.  I pictured myself on a sandy beach under a huge umbrella (to avoid sunburn, of course) that was conveniently located next to a field of pretty yellow flowers.  Look one way – peaceful waves, another, meadowy flowers.  I was alone and reading a book.  Since it’s my imagery, the book I was reading was the not-yet-published (OK, not yet started) book written by myself and the writing mamas.

6. I didn’t allow the puker to eat food the next day because I know what could happen to that food.

7. I have watched every morsel of food either of them have eaten picturing how bad it would be to see it again.  Bland.  Bland.  That’s not bland enough!

8. My husband has taken Maggie to two events that were supposed to be family events.  He hates doing it and I hate missing them.  So when I’m not ill, that whole situation works perfectly.

9. My husband had the bug before Nick and I did.  “Twenty-four hours.  You will be fine in 24 hours,” he said.  He was in bed for 24 hours.  I spent my 24 hours taking care of two children.  My 24 hours has turned into 48 hours.

10. My husband cleaned the house today before I had the energy to hide the “really important” stuff.  It will take me 3 weeks to find everything again.

11.  I’m glad it wasn’t Christmas, but seriously, I had a total of six commitments between Friday and Saturday.  I was able to make one of them (and was only halfway there.)  Tough weekend to have to phone it in.

(12.  I also know people going through much more harrowing health problems right now and don’t want to make my incidental vomit issues out to be more drama than is necessary.  In my little world, vomit sucks.  Bad.  But I would gladly take it over serious illness and want everyone to know that.)

13. A few minutes ago I ate my first bit of solid food since Thursday.  Cross your fingers…


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