outfit secret

I love the story of the outfit secret.  Almost every time you get dressed up, or for people like me, dressed instead of pajamas, your outfit has a secret.  Well, that sounds a little dark sunglasses and shadowy alleys.  Try this – gather your friends at the next party and see if you can get some to spill their outfit’s secret.

Some examples:

You have a hole in your sock that no one can see.

You have a run in your pantyhose (I have been playing this game a looong time, think nude pantyhose, it makes it that much funnier) that you made putting them on, but are pretending happened later in the day.

You have a safety pin holding any part of your clothes together.

You picked any of the articles of clothing out of your laundry basket or off the closet floor.

Your underwear is missing elastic, or you are missing your underwear.

There is a hole on some piece of clothing that you pretend doesn’t exist.

Those are just a few.  It can get quite funny.  Even people who think they don’t have a secret usually have a light-bulb moment before the game is over.  Worst case scenario, it helps you get through part of your spouse’s office party that you didn’t want to go to anyway.  Game best played with a little adult beverage/truth serum to get people to be honest.

And now for the serious business of the day.  Instead of going shoe shopping for the holiday party season, I am going to pull out some oldie but goodies from my closet.  Since I wear comfortable shoes about 345 days a year – someone clue me in – what is the hip look these days?  (I sound 80, don’t I?)  Pointy toes?  Round toes?  Doesn’t matter as long as the shoe is cute? 

I once wore sandals with tiny straps only to find everyone else in sandals with chunky straps.  Oh, the horrors.  So, you can see, my fashion sense is basically stepping out of my pajamas and my clogs and trying not to look like an ass.

If I had any idea how, I would do a nifty wordpress poll.  But I don’t, so I’m just asking.  How far back in my closet do I go?  Pointy, wide or somewhere in between?  (I guess that will be my outfit secret – old shoes and assistance needed in picking them out.)


3 responses to “outfit secret

  1. You could do a pointy or round heel. If your wearing pants it’s best to wear chunky heels with wide leg pants and thin heels with narrow pants. If you are wearing a dress put on a pair of black tights with black heels and you’ll be good to go! Hope that helps 🙂

  2. I’m glad someone knows what’s OK to wear these days! Don’t look at me! We just threw away about 30 pairs of shoes between the two of us (those that could be still be worn were given to goodwill). My problem is that I never buy shoes and then when I do I wear them past their wearing days. Once the baby is a little bit older (think new years resolution!) I promise to be better and take care of myself a bit.–assuming that the budget will allow, of course.

  3. Ok, it totally depends on what you’re wearing – can you bring your outfit and options tonight to RM? What size shoe are y0u??

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