short attention whaa?

I am guilty of having a short attention span. Actually, more accurately, I am guilty of having a fear of a short attention span. I have done a lot of things in my life. I dabble here, I dabble there. I don’t last more than a few years at anything.

Today I recieved some more positive feedback from a parent about my photography. I love to hear they liked the photos. In fact, I will be giving her a disc with the photos on it because they love them so much they want more copies. She asked if I did any freelance photography. I said that I had considered it before, but was always afraid I would commit and not enjoy it long term. I would love to spend an afternoon with her children and capture them naturally in their home. But could I do that everyday with strangers? Probably not.

Kind of like teaching. I enjoy it. It’s rewarding. But will I still feel that way two months from now? Would I be able to do it every day and still find it rewarding? Doubt it. My attention span is too short.

I have toyed with photography (after doing nothing but, during my college years), monogrammed as a business for six years, substituted at the school, made hair bows, tinkered with paper goods, bartended, waitressed, worked retail, and countless other things. I have a short attention span.

Recently someone asked if I thought I might write a book. My reply? I don’t have the attention span to write a book. Magazine articles are more my speed. This blogging thing is right up my alley.

So I said the words out loud (well, actually, typed them, but for others to read) that I think I have finally figured out “what I would like to be when I grow up.” I would like to be a writer. I could humor myself and say that I already am a writer. But I would like to be able to then follow up with something they may have actually read…

My next question – is this my latest in a string of “what I will try for now” things? Or is this for real? I hope it is for real. That way, even if I dabble in photography, play with paper goods and sub on occasion, I will never run out of things to write about. Because at the end of the day – doing things seems to feel a lot better when I can write about it later. That seems like a good sign, yes?

P.S. For the love of all things living, will someone tell me where spell check has gone since the format change? Am I totally daft?


2 responses to “short attention whaa?

  1. Spell check is three buttons from the right (unless you’re using the “quick press” option through your dashboard page and then it’s not available as an option…) if you choose “new post” link at the top of the page then spell check should be there…

    I can identify with you on your post! I love photography and teaching but wonder about being able to do either day-in and day-out as a career!

  2. Thanks Shab! I somehow hit the HTML tab and was lost. But now I’m found and will be changing the spelling of “received” as soon as I get to the main computer. Thanks!

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