I found the master reset button on my four year old. It had a lot to do with finding the master reset switch on myself. I found a mirror (not the unbreakable one that Nicholas broke into a million pieces) got myself centered and the day went well.

If you need to entertain a preschooler for a few hours, give them a bag of multi-colored pipe cleaners. Seriously. It was a riot. And she got all creative on me, which was a bonus.

Maggie crossed the room approaching her brother, hugged him and said “I love you and someday we will be married.” Marrying Nicholas has been something she has talked about since he was born. I can’t wait to tell all at her rehearsal dinner someday…

I have developed a taste for dark chocolate, apparently. I never liked it before, but maybe I had never gone four days without any chocolate at all…

I was talking to a friend on the phone discussing something not too pleasant (we were in agreement, though, so that was good.) At one point I got overly nice about the topic and she said I needed to eat some chocolate because my brain was not functioning properly. The funny part was, just a moment before I had eaten a piece of chocolate that I was packing up for the neighbors. I actually got nicer with chocolate in my veins. Twenty minutes later, same thing. I thought it was pretty funny that she could actually tell the difference between the “high on chocolate” me and the “please for the love of Pete give me some chocolate” me.

Recently I bought my new fashion accessory for the season – a bag of white men’s T-shirts to wear under my sweaters. I asked my husband if he thought a size medium would fit. Now, the answer I was looking for was something like “Medium? Oh, I bet you are a size small.” Instead I got “Medium? That should work. They stretch a lot.” Gee, thanks.

P.S. I am having a bit of a thing with WordPress at the moment. I haven’t been able to use spellcheck in two days now. Forgive my typos.


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