face lift

Tonight I took five minutes to give my little bloggy blog a little face lift.  The night I started this blog back in July I wanted something fast and easy.  Now I’m taking some baby steps to improve the look and feel of my digs.  What do you think?

The picture is from last year.  How sad that I don’t have anything from this year to put in here.  But never you worry, we are taking Christmas photos this weekend and I will be sure to get some shots that you will want to see everyday.  You read every day, don’t you?  OK, at least check in a couple times a week.  Thanks.

Soon you will see more additions to my blog roll and other techy things that I’m figuring out.  I am still in need of a tutoring session from my friend, we just haven’t had the chance yet.  I would rather make a list and talk about it for a while than actually sit down and do it.  But that is my way.

Maggie wants our Christmas card this year to be a picture of her doing a handstand.  The battle is on.  I have a feeling we will be doing printed cards with a family shot and including a loose picture of her upside down.  That should sufficiently confuse everyone when they take it out of the envelope.  I’m sure at first glance everyone will look at it upside down until they figure out she is upside down.

Last year my mom was here when we took the family shot.  This year we will be setting up the tripod and hoping for the best.  I can see it now – I set the shot up, press the timer and run to my spot only to see Maggie fling her feet in the air showing the world her underwear – yes, for pictures I will encourage a dress.  I think.  Who knows.  Maybe I’ll let her wear some crazy unmatching outfit so she can look back it years from now completely horrified.  I will tell her she insisted on only wearing “beautiful clothes.”    (See like right there – how do I make that a link to the post about beautiful clothes?) 

I have three little pieces of chocolate left and I’m not buying any more, so now I will go sit and suck on some chocolate to make it last longer.  Good night!


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