things that make me smile

Here are some things that put a smile on my face…

When Nicholas is brushing his teeth and he’s ready for my help, he points to the floor and I say yes.  He circles around a bit like a dog and then lays down on the floor on his belly.  Makes me laugh every time.  I have to roll him over so I can get to his teeth.

Maggie got $2 from her Memaw the day we left town, about 10 days ago.  She kept this money and the spare change she picked up from my parents in a bag my mom gave her.  Today when she came home from school she disappeared for a few minutes.  When I was in her room tonight I found the empty bag and empty coin holder right next to her piggy bank and the money was safely tucked inside.

I love that Maggie can wear a hat and take it off without a care in the world of what her hair looks like.  Not even if she looked in a mirror would she care.  And she gets some pretty funny hat-head.

On the way to school today Maggie and I discussed dinosaurs going extinct, evolution, religion, and snow turning into water and then to ice and then to water again (I’m sure that has a convenient one-word name, but the hell if I can think of it.)  And I don’t drink coffee.  I was being challenged as though in a rapid fire game show.  I finally turned on kid music and she sat back smiling at the Chipmunks singing some stupid song.

Maggie told Nicholas not to step on the “peanut cutter” tonight.  She meant not to step on the Nut Cracker that is part of our Christmas decorations.

My husband and I have been getting along amazingly well for a few weeks now.  That really makes me smile.

Old friends from high school who knew me when I was silly and in high school and like me anyway.

Blog comments.  (hint, hint)


4 responses to “things that make me smile

  1. Well, if it’ll make you smile.

  2. Your blog put a smile on my face. Ready to take on the day as a mom of two!

  3. Hint taken! 🙂 Hi Brigid!!

  4. Me too. I’m here several times a week, if not every day. And let me know when you figure out how to embed a link with those cool words that are a different color.

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