Let me start by saying my calendars all say it’s November 21st.

It is so nice to be home.  Let that sink in for a minute…   … now realize how much there is to do this month.  Ugh.  That was how reentry into my life went today when I was about an hour from home.  I have teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, family gifts, a birthday party to plan, tons of monogramming, a newsletter to create, a poem to write, a contest I’d like to enter (and win tickets to the super bowl) and that is just the top-of-my-head list.  

Completely unrelated, about 30 minutes from home I actually experienced a bit of road rage.  I was on a bybass about 26 miles from my house when traffic just about stopped.  I wanted to cry.  I have been on what seems like a cross country journey (it wasn’t cross country, but it seemed that way!) with two sick kids.  And 30 minutes from home I get stuck in traffic.  No.  Not allowed.  It turned out to be an accident that didn’t look too serious.  Serious, I’m sure for the driver whose car was facing the wrong way, but no one appeared injured.  Everyone was jockeying to get into the lane that was not blocked by police cars.  Then some wise guys in the back thought they would jaunt up to the front and cut over.  Did I mention I have been cross country with two sick kids?  No one is cutting in front of me.  I can’t stand piggy drivers who try to get away with complete selfishness.

At this point I pulled my car into the center of the two lanes.  Everyone had to merge in two car lengths distance anyway so I thought I would save them the trouble and block the way.  A woman pulled off the road and then next to me.  I stared straight ahead.  When I finally glanced over she was screaming with her mouth wide open.  I could make out “YOU ARE IN MY LANE!”  I laughed.  She practically had to go off-roading to get next to me and then yelled because I was in her lane.  Whatever lady.  Nobody else got past me and it’s a good thing.  I don’t get mad often when I’m behind the wheel, but when I do it’s best not to mess with me.

Anyway, we all made it safely home.  The kids enjoyed running around the yard while we unloaded the car, smuggling in a few Christmas presents along the way.  We put up our Christmas tree but ran out of steam after lights, before ornaments.  The kids are happy to be in their own beds, but I wonder how the night will go.  Early to bed means early to rise.  I better go do some couch sitting while I have the chance.  And I have a piece of pumpkin pie to eat.  The horrid-no-good diet starts gradually tomorrow.  Gradual, as in, I still have sweets to eat before I can go cold turkey (no pun intended.)  I will shop tomorrow in the spirit of the diet.  That is, at least, a start.  I hope for more organized thoughts for tomorrow, for all of our sakes.


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