maiden name

I am visiting friends tonight who know my maiden name.  I have been married for nine years now and I am finding my life is beginning to be compartmentalized into people who know my maiden name and those who have never even heard it.

A name is so much a part of who you are.  I still refer to many of my high school friends by their maiden names.  With a few I really have to sit and think a minute to come up with their married names.  With others I can’t remember maiden names and have assimilated their married names into everyday thought.  Of course Facebook is just adding to the name drama.

And trying to remember all the people.  And remembering names at all.  Jeesh.  How can I simply have forgotten an entire person?  Or remember a person and an encounter and have no clue what their name is.  Pictures help.  I have always been a visual person.  Maybe I should start making notes now so that in 20 years I have some memory of these years.  I fear my memory isn’t going to get better as I age. 

Tonight I am enjoying a walk down the lane of half-memories.   We are piecing together times that I’m quite sure we never thought would fade from our minds.  My gracious hosts are friends who “knew me when” and like me anyway.  And that’s pretty nice.


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