vacuum credit

I spent part of the afternoon today teaching Maggie how to vacuum.  That was a beautiful thing to behold.  She did most of the living room before losing interest.  But hey, it’s a start and I’m all about delegating housework.

As I finished the rest of the downstairs, I contemplated leaving the vacuum out so as to get proper credit from my husband.  Vacuuming the downstairs doesn’t matter as much to me as getting credit for vacuuming the downstairs.  How sad is that? 

Vacuuming really kind of depressed me, actually.  I got to see all the other ways in which I have let my house slide.  We have been here three years this week and there are more than a few chores that haven’t been done in that long.  A friend’s status on facebook yesterday involved washing her walls.  Damn, I can barely keep the floor clean.  The walls too?  And then as I pushed the vacuum around I noticed how filthy the walls are.  And the windows.  And I’m sure it’s time to change the filters.  And the baseboards – let’s not even go there.

We started the day today by stripping Maggie’s bed.  Her night pants leaked and she had a “pee accident.”  I had both the sheets and the waterproof mattress cover washed and dried by noon.  If only everyone in my house peed in the bed once a week, we would all be assured of clean sheets.  As it is, sheets get changed when company comes, when pink eye terrorizes and when I finally get around to it, which is not as often as I should.

I did read about 25 books today to the kids.  At the end of the day I think that is more important.  If only I could read 25 books and have a clean house, then I would be living right.  I can’t help but giggle a bit as I type this and my husband fights with the mattress pad in Maggie’s room. He is the one, after all, who gave her a gallon of liquids before bed last night…


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