whining about pee

Two mini blogs today:

I so look forward to the day my children don’t ever pee in their shoes.  Pee in shoes is soooo gross.  At least with the crocs I can wash them and feel like we aren’t wearing pee shoes.  But with winter nearing, the crocs will take a break and that means real shoes. 

Maggie is just about over this issue, though she did surprise us both the other day with an untimely accident that resulted in pee in her shoes.  Of course, she is not actually peeing directly into her shoes, it’s the whole gravity thing.  But I never quite look at a pair of shoes the same once they have been peed in.

Nicholas is still wearing pee-free shoes.  But as potty training nears, it in only a matter of time before he too will be wearing pee shoes.  Nothing like buying a good, sturdy pair of shoes that will only last a few months, tops, just to have then get peed on.

My other mini blog for the day involves whining:

I was outside a museum in Chicago on our last visit and heard a child and father talking to each other.  It took me a minute to figure out that they were speaking in a foreign language.  If I had to bet on it I would say it was Swedish, but I don’t have to bet on it and you weren’t there so no one will ever know.  So they were speaking Swedish, and I had to stifle a laugh because I realized whining sounds pretty much the same in most languages.

The child with the tone – you know the tone.  And the adult answering in the sing-songy your-not-going-to-push-my-buttons-today tone.  If I had been able to translate, I’m sure it had to do with having a snack, or wanting to stay longer, or wanting a treasure from the gift shop.  Doesn’t matter though.  The fact that we all whine the same says something about unity.  Doesn’t it?


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