space junk

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things I make up as a parent.  In the never-ending attempt to answer the never-ending questions I have come up with some whoppers.  I read early on that “because” is not a good answer no matter what the question is.  It might work for a brief period, but will totally backfire and take with it most of your parent cred (kind of like street cred.)

My answers can sometimes border on long winded.  But at least the words tend to form complete sentences most of the time, unlike a well known mom we all can’t wait to forget.  Ahemm, moving right along.

I relish the fact that I’m only answering the questions of one curious youngster right now.  Eventually when the other decides he would like to grace us with some words, I’m betting his first full sentence will be a question.  He will have learned from the master.

Here is a sample of one of the whoppers I recently told:

“Did you turn the music off?  I was listening to that,” says the four-year-old.

“No honey, it will be right back on.  The satellite radio just cut out.  Wait a minute and it will come right back on.”

“What’s a satellite radio?” 

“The satellite radio is how we get our music.  It beams from a satellite way out in the sky all the way back down to our car.  Pretty cool, huh?”

“Why is it not working?”

“Well, when we get blocked from the satellite, sometimes it cuts out for just a moment – like when we pull into the garage or go under a bridge.”

“We aren’t under anything right now.  Why is it doing that?”

“There must be some junk up in space that is in the way.  As soon as the space junk moves the satellite will send us the music again.”

“Oh, OK.”

Music returns.  Answer accepted.  Space junk saves the day.


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