sitting on the left

A friend recently observed that I was leaning more and more to the left during this political season.  I have been mulling this over now for a few weeks and think I might be ready to clarify a few things.  I have always been on the left.  I have not always been vocal about being on the left.  But on the left is where I proudly sit.

Another friend said he had never hung out with a Democrat and wondered why I was one.  I didn’t really have an answer.  I thought that one over for a day or two and mentioned it to another friend.  “I have always been a Democrat.  It’s like being a Cubs fan.  I just am.”  Then a few moments later I said “Well, I think gay people should have every right to get married, I think women should have the right to choice and I am anti-gun.”

“That sums up why you are a Democrat,” she said. (She is not a Democrat.)

But it doesn’t.  There is so much more to it.

Those things seem like such common sense to me that sometimes I forget people believe otherwise.

I have liberal views on almost every issue out there.  I always have.  I have supported Obama for years.  I knew four years ago that he would someday make a great president.  I was thrilled to be vocal for a person I felt would help fix the many things wrong with our country.

I believe in global warming.  I think spreading the wealth around is a decent way to treat humans who are less fortunate.  I believe all people should have the right to health care.  I believe the war in Iraq is  the gravest mistake our country has made.  I don’t support torture.  I don’t support the death penalty. 

I am sure there are a host of other issues that I sit on the left in support of or against.  I haven’t changed any of these beliefs in my memory.  These are things I have always known to be true.  I have recently found a voice to make myself heard.


Bonus for the day- my favorite quote read in a comment on another blog about the woman who won’t go away whose name I refuse to speak/write anymore:      “she vomits words.”


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