whack, run, whack, run

I have long hoped that my children would be on the athletic side.  I certainly will nurture whatever hobbies they have and interests that they show, but I hope sports are included.  My husband and I are both athletic (at least we used to be athletic!) so it stands to reason that the kids would get some of that, but you never know.

I was tickled today to see my daughter whacking the snot out of a golf ball in the backyard.  Using a golf club.  Holding it, for the most part, the way it should held.  Joy!

Along with the athleticism I grew up with, comes a whole lot of competitiveness.  All competitiveness is not bad, don’t get me wrong.  But we sometimes get a bit carried away.  It’s been hard for me to “teach” Maggie some sporting activities because I want her to do it “the right way.”  I try and make it all fun, but I really don’t want my girl throwing like a girl.  I don’t want my boy throwing like a girl either.  I know these are my problems and not the kids’ problems and I try to keep them as such.  It warmed my heart to see her figuring it out on her own and succeeding at it. 

The best part is that I can sure use the practice hitting the golf ball around the back yard.  So the next time we are out there I might just pull out my own club and hit with her.  There is the whole “don’t swing when your little brother is near you” but she did a great job with that too.  The little guy was attempting to mimic her and did some major driveway hitting of his own,  and even showing some promise at this early age. 

Oh, and she dribbled a basketball for the first time.  She was pretty proud of herself.  So was I.  I see good things coming our way and our back yard getting put to further use.

Note: My son has figured out how to pull my leg so the chair swivels around and he climbs into my lap to have a book read to him, so this blog has actually transpired in many random moments instead of one stream of consciousness.  Complete thoughts hope to be spotted tomorrow.


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