Some things I know for sure…

1.  I am thrilled that the auction is over and more thrilled that there isn’t another one for a whole year.

2.  I have retired from the quilt making business.

3.  I really need to go shopping so I don’t have to relive the “I actually have somewhere to go and nothing to wear” moment from yesterday.  I looked like Laura Bush when I left the house and there was not a thing I could do about it.

4.  The kitchen can stay dirty for one more day.  I’m going to plop on the couch tonight and see what I’ve missed over the last 3 days.

5.  When I was young, and hip, I never had to apply hemorrhoid cream before a night out…

6.  Hemorrhoids suck.  Big time.

7.  Moms can get ugly when forced to “work together” with other moms.  Even if they are nice about it, there is still an underlying ugliness.

8.  Every parent thinks their kid is cuter than yours.

9.  My kids are pretty darn cute.

Tomorrow I will have regained my equilibrium from my 19-hour day yesterday.  Complete thoughts and complete sentences on the horizon…


4 responses to “Some things I know for sure…

  1. CONGRATS! It’s over!!

  2. Yay! The quilt making is over! Good for you.

    I hope you took some pics. I’d love to see the final products.

  3. P.S. Now go eat some chocolate! 🙂

  4. #3 — Elizabeth Banks is playing Laura Bush in the movie. I wouldn’t mind looking like her.

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