can we fix it?

Random political randomness:

I heard someone on NPR today describe Barack Obama as having first class intelligence and first class personality.  I think most of us will agree that doesn’t happen very often.  (I think they used a different word than personality, but the same point is made.  I knew I should have written it down but I was driving at the time and I’m trying to cut down on the multi-tasking.)

I got the “Bob the Builder” song stuck in my head today.  I started singing “Barack Obama” instead of Bob the Builder.  Barack Obama (can we fix it?) Barack Obama (Yes we can!)

I hope Barack Obama continues to organize people and motivate people.  He did an amazing job campaigning.  I would be happy to continue doing a few hours of volunteer work on his behalf.  I would love to see a national plan or regional plan.  Something we could sink our teeth into, get the grassroots effort working on and see results.  They say seeing results is half the battle.  Sure I can still go out and volunteer at a variety of places, but what I would really like is for those of us who want to help to join forces and get something accomplished.  Not sure if I’m making sense right now, but I have the idea rolling around in my head.  I need a little more time to get it into words, apparently.  I hope he asks for us to participate in fixing things in the same way we participated in electing him.

And now that Barack Obama is our President Elect, I hope they add his name to  the spellcheck list of correct spelling!

I’m blogging on the run tonight because I fear I will fall asleep when putting Nicholas to sleep.  A dark room is about all I need right now.


One response to “can we fix it?

  1. um, thanks. really going to enjoy having that song in my head.

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