sliver of soap

I rely on notes.  Notes to myself.  Lists.  To do.  To buy.  To remember.  I have run into a problem this week.  Namely, I have no note pad in my shower.  I have some great ideas while I’m in the shower.  But this isn’t even about that.  This is about the fact that I have been using an ever shrinking sliver of soap and can’t remember by the time I get out of the shower to get more.

OK, that’s not exactly true.  One day I did actually remember to get more soap, but we were out of soap.  I should have written it down right then and there but must have been multi-tasking at the time.  Nevertheless, I got in the shower the next day to the itty bitty piece of soap that was supposed to get my not so itty bitty body clean.

To top it off, I have been out of my face cleanser in the shower for about a week.  So the sliver of soap has been doing double duty as body cleanser and face cleanser too.  Ooohhgg.  Nothing like washing your face with soap as winter approaches to necessitate some face cream.

I knew I had the kids’ soap to fall back on if I got totally desperate.  A little all-natural, aromatherapy soap might be just what I need.  But then again I might just fall asleep in the shower only to be jolted awake when the hot water ran out.  That would not be pretty.

Today, I am happy to report, I bought more soap and face cleanser.  Woohoo!  And I got it up to the bathroom.  Now I just have to remember to open it and actually put it in the shower.  Knowing me, I will be doing the naked run across the bathroom floor while dripping wet to get the damn soap in the morning.  Better yet, I’m going to take care of it right now and consider this blog as a big TO-DO REMINDER note.  If this doesn’t work I’m doomed.  Or smelly.  Or both.


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