say “cheese!”

I spent the day chasing around the kiddos at the preschool again taking photos.  It’s getting down to the wire.  I’m shooting two portrait type photos and one candid-work shot of each child to be sold at the fund raising auction.  I have made copious lists and more lists and lists of lists.  I am finally getting to the point that I have put a line through the majority of my list.  There are about 95 or so children, and I take multiples of each child to chose from.  I have taken over 1,000 photos and I will be glad when this project is over!

It has reminded me why I really like photography.  It’s kind of like golf.  All you need is one excellent shot and you keep coming back for more.  It has also reminded me why photographing children is not something I want to do every day.  My fear is always that I will get the child on the day they really don’t want their picture taken.  On this assignment I was lucky enough that if a child really didn’t want their picture taken, I would make a deal to take it the next day, or later that day.  If someone is paying you by the hour, that’s not on the table.

These last two days have been busy and fun.  Children I have literally been stalking for a month are now tugging on my sleeve asking if I will take their picture.  I captured some really great moments.  I wish I had more time to make each child’s photo “the perfect shot,” but I am human and I am only one person. 

I do hope this will keep me active with my camera, to capture more of what goes on in my own home.  And printing pictures too.  I have spent hours at a kiosk ordering prints for the school.  I would love to take a few days and get prints made of all of the pictures I have on my computer from the last three years.  I haven’t even printed out photos of my kids with Santa from last Christmas, for Pete’s sake.

Something I think I would enjoy doing is taking photos at children’s birthday parties.  Not for money, but as the birthday gift.  Not the typical cake shots, but capturing the scene shots.  The photos that the host/ess never has time to take.  I happened to bring my camera to Maggie’s friend’s birthday over the summer.  I got some decent shots, but wasn’t trying too hard, since I was also keeping track of my two kids at the park.  Then I realized no one else was taking photos so I printed some for the family and gave them a little book.  Turns out, the birthday boy had dropped and broken the family camera the day before and they had not had time to replace it.  They were so thankful to have the photos.  I know I always wish I had taken more photos at my own kids’ parties.  I never want to miss the event stuck behind the camera.  But I’d gladly do it for others!


One response to “say “cheese!”

  1. Ok – save the date for Thompson’s birthday party – January 3rd… Photo taking will be the PERFECT gift!!! XXXOOO

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