I’m so sad to hear the news that Barack Obama’s grandmother died last night.  It breaks my heart.  To be on the eve of such an amazing journey and then to miss seeing the grand moment of joy seems so unfair.  Since I don’t know what her health has been in these last few weeks, maybe even one more day was more than she could bear.  I hope that she was able to grasp the love and respect that so many of us feel for her grandson.  She raised a true class act.

What a horrible experience to endure for someone who must be near the brink of exhaustion after running for president these last 2 years.  He will now be left to somehow manage mourning his grandmother on one of the most important days of his life. 

After a busy day, with too little time and too much to do, I plopped down in front of the computer to quickly post a blog and get back to work.  Then I read the headline as I waited for wordpress to load.  Now I sit somewhat slumped in my chair wishing they could have another few days to share in a much-deserved celebration.  Perscpective just slammed me in the face.  Nothing I did today will have any major (or minor, for that matter) impact on the world.  I can’t imagine two such monumental life experiences colliding, as they have for Obama.

I am relieved he took a few days in the middle of all things hectic to visit her.  Again, he is a class act.  I can’t wait to call him my President.  I wish his grandmother could lived long enough to hear it.


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