“a stitch in time…”

“…saves nine.”  No truer words were ever spoken.  Except maybe “measure twice, cut once.”  I am in the middle of arts and crafts hell.  Don’t get me wrong, I love arts and crafts.  I’m an artsy and craftsy kind of girl.  I just need to get this current craft project off my desk, my mind and my aura.

This craft project is the infamous six quilts.  I must have been out of my mind when I smiled and said “sure!”  I have one quilt finished.  One quilt almost finished (a big thank you to my mom for the basting help!)  One more ready to be basted.  And another hopefully ready by tonight to be basted.  If mom and I can each baste one tonight, then I will only have two more to go! 

My eye is twitching with the thought of how much work remains.  The deadline is drawing near.  Turning the calendar to November was especially painful since the quilts must be finished by Nov. 13th.  And seriously folks, if I’m still working on them the day before you might have to lock me up somewhere.  I have great hopes of working through tomorrow, having another basting party with my mom tomorrow night and being finished!  Finished – what a lovely word.

Of course, just for good measure, let me throw in the fact that I am supposed to be finished with the newsletter by Monday, still have 200 pictures to take, print, mount, and have ready to go for the auction, a meeting on Monday, samples to monogram, the election on Tuesday, hosting friends on Saturday, another sewing project to finish before Saturday, a haircut, hmmm, that might be all.

I thought about calling in sick from my blog for a week, but I think it helps me clear my thoughts, organize my mind and take a 20 minute break.  With that said, my 20 minutes are up and I have to get back to sewing.  With any luck you will only have to hear one more progress report on this subject.


2 responses to ““a stitch in time…”

  1. Don’t you just loved deadlines! Hope it all goes toplan and gets finished

  2. wow. my week of getting work ready to leave for 12 weeks (i hope) and possibly going to labor pales in comparison!

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