peanut butter and jelly

Kids.  They do the darnedest things.  I know, I was once one of them.  And now I spend a good deal of my waking and sleeping hours with two of them.  This isn’t some great story about smearing peanut butter and jelly all over body parts, or walls, or anything else creative.  This is about daily life.

Maggie eats either peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey all the time.  Like every day if we let her.  It’s her lunch, sometimes it’s her dinner.

Nicholas eats EVERYTHING.  There is very little that doesn’t pass this boy’s lips.  He ate beets, no problem.  Tomatoes, all the time.  Beans, rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli, meat – oh, does he love meat.  Guess what is the one thing he will not eat?  Of course.  Peanut butter and jelly.  So the ONE thing he doesn’t eat, is the ONE thing she eats with any regularity. 

Why?  Why?  Why?  (You can use the Nancy Kerrigan voice in your head if you want.)

Just because.  Because kids love to challenge us.  I know that no two children will be alike no matter how similarly you raise them.  Got it.  Perfect example is me and my brother.  I’m not asking for them to be alike or like the same things or follow in each others footsteps.  I’m simply asking how a child that will eat peanut butter crackers, and fruits and berries until he could explode can possibly say no to a combination of the two that is pretty darn good (when you haven’t eaten them for a month for a lack of groceries in the house.)

Maybe I’ll serve it on crackers tomorrow.  Or waffles.  Or pita chips.  As a mom facing the challenges of  food service, I just have to remember to be resourceful.  Heck, he’d probably eat them both right off of a spoon with a side of bread.  I just wish he’d stop giving me the fish eye…


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