fish eye

“Giving me the fish eye” is one of my new favorite sayings.  It cracks me up.  My son gives me the fish eye quite often.  My husband does too.  I just love to say it.  People look at you funny the first time you say it to them.  It’s apparently not that common of a phrase, yet.  Give me time.

I actually had a hard time finding a definition.  Most of the definitions are all about the photo lens called a fisheye which distorts images and is able to capture 100 degrees, even up to 180 degrees.  If you got up really close to someone, that would make their eyes verrrry large.  And odd.  And fishy.  I finally found the definition I was looking for which is pretty simple – an unfriendly or suspicious glance.  The fish eye.  Precisely.

Maybe part of my fascination with the fish eye is that it is most certainly not pink eye.  Pink eye seems to be an epidemic in our house.  Maggie woke up with it again today, poor kid.  I just hope we can contain it this time and keep everyone from getting it again!  Sheets have been washed, children’s hands have been washed to the point of chapping, mom’s hands have been washed to the point of sandpaper.  Tomorrow is send the kids to school and sanitize the house day.  (Maggie started her prescription bright and early today so she won’t be contagious tomorrow.  Yippee!)

Everyone’s assignment for the day is to try to work fish eye into a conversation.  Let’s sweep the nation with it!  Let me know how it goes.


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