After I dropped my children off at school this morning, I got back in the car, only to find a warning light on my dashboard.  A fancy warning light.  I had to look it up to find out what it meant.  Apparently my tire pressure was low on one tire.  (I know, fancy pants car that tells me things like this.)

I drove to the nearest gas station, sure that I would roll over or get a flat if this was not dealt with immediately.  (You know me, rule follower and it said take care of this immediately!)  I was prepared to walk in all doe-eyed and get some guy to “fix” the problem for me.  One problem- it wasn’t a guy working at the counter, it was a woman.  Oops.  I don’t think she was going to fall for my “There is a warning light on and I just don’t know what to do,” blink, blink. 

So I changed my approach.  And I’m so happy I did!  I learned so much in such a short period of time.  Apparently every car has a recommended pound # that the tires should be inflated to.  During the winter the cold air makes the tires deflate a bit.  (Hence, my new warning light today, when it got pretty chilly out there.)  In the summer they inflate a bit from the heat.  Very interesting.  You don’t want your number to be below 30.  She said in the winter to aim for 35 (my car actually wanted me to aim for 36, but you get the idea.)  In the summer aim for 32.  This gives you a few wiggle points in the direction your tires are likely to go.

I borrowed a tire guage.  I will say, this was my first time using one, but I’d seen it done before and I caught on pretty quickly.  I checked the tires, with special attention to the one my car was particularly unhappy with, added air to all of them, returned the tire guage, got a bit of dirt on my hands (literally) and felt pretty good about myself.  Problem solved. 

Fancy pants car informed me my crisis was over.  It also informed me my back tires were at 35 and my fronts were at 33.  So I guess I will add a bit more to the front tires soon, but at least I’m not at a dangerous level. 

That got me thinking.  Without fancy pants car I would have had NO IDEA I needed air in the tires.  How many of you know what poundage of air is in your tires right now?  Makes you want to check, doesn’t it?  Think about the safety.  Think about the gas mileage.  Think about how EASY it is.  If I could do it in less than five minutes, I bet you could too.  So this is my public service announcement for today – next time you are filling up with gas, check the air on your tires.  Air, baby, air!!


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