losing a super power

My boy is weaned.  I wanted to make sure before I said it out loud, but it’s been three days since he has nursed at all and I think we are all OK with it. 

For anyone who spent time with him the first couple weeks at school, he’s making that sound again.  It’s not a cry, it’s kind of a moaning-grunting sound.  He does it for a few moments to let me know he’s not thrilled that I’m withholding, but then he pretty much rolls over and goes to sleep.  I have a feeling he will stop registering the protest within five days or less.

I told my husband this morning (again, didn’t want to speak the words and then have to eat them) that Nicholas was weaned.  He said “Oh, no wonder he’s been shaking.  He’s going through withdrawal.”   I think my husband has shown signs of relief  when each child was weaned.  It’s like now we are on a little more even playing field.  I always had a secret weapon I could whip out…

I’m happy with how long we nursed.  Both my kids stopped at 22 months.  Some think that’s crazy long.  I think it’s pretty perfect.  One of my other neurosis about nursing was that one child would go way longer or way shorter than the other.   I know nothing in life will be equal between siblings, but I at least wanted to give them the same IQ possibilities and  immunological support.  My goal was weaned by Halloween (get it?) and here we sit a few days early and all is well.

I had to get myself prepared for the transition as well.  He is my last child.  I am done as a nursing mother forever.  That’s a pretty big thing for me.  I have been nursing or pregnant for the last 5+ years.  On the plus side, now I get to throw away all my nursing bras.  I would donate them if they weren’t the rattiest things you’d ever seen.  I must say, for the record, I will miss that secret weapon.


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