getting up to date

A few updates for those readers of mine who like to know the end of the story. 

My elderly neighbor is back safe and sound.  She was out of town visiting family.  (Whew!)  And now she is sporting an Obama yard sign just like we are!

Nicholas hopped out of the car today, grabbed his lunch box and never looked back.  He is having a great time at school.  And I am having a great time by myself.  I have been busy working on the quilts and a couple other projects.  As soon as mid-November rolls along I plan on spending some brainless time in front of the TV.  (And cleaning out the basement, and organizing closets before they take over the house, and writing more than 20 minutes a day)

Maggie filled a bucket with rocks at school today and put it on the end of the see saw.  She kept adjusting the weight in the bucket until she got it to balance with her weight.  I’m adding to her college fund (OK, maybe not at the current moment since her college fund is tanking) because I think the kid is going places.

Nicholas was eating some peanut butter crackers in the car yesterday.  He was eating them so fast I couldn’t believe it.  Then I figured out he was hoarding/hiding them under his leg.  When I stopped giving him more he ate the ones he had.  As if I am starving the kid?  He eats more at every meal than I do all day long.

I decided to keep the half-pill in an extra container that I have.  That way, it’s not a reminder, but if I ever need it in a pinch I can get to it.  So much better. 

I ran into that Obama book again that I mentioned.  I ended up taking a second look.  Even though the illustrations aren’t the best (they are growing on me a little), I ended up getting it.  Now I just need to decide if I give it to Maggie before the election or after the election when he becomes President.

I found a spelling error on two of the quilt pieces.  They were already sewn into the front, but I didn’t have the backing on yet.  Not fun, but not worst case either.  I will be doing cartwheels when they are all done!  One is finished.  The other five are in various stages of being done.  So far the people who have seen them think they are great.  That makes me happy.

Now you pretty much know what I know.  The family is disintegrating as I type,  so I’m off to save the day!


2 responses to “getting up to date

  1. Since we bought you the Obama book for Christmas you can wrap your copy for Maggie. I sent several messages telepathically to you to not buy the book.Guess I’ll have to get a stronger signal. Please don’t buy yourself a dictionary! Mom

  2. I think they might be two different books? I got the kids book with drawings. Did you get the photo book????

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