yard sign revisited

I happily put my new Obama yard sign in our yard today.  I added a Tuke for TN sign for good measure.  I have another Obama sign for my neighbor (she appears to not be home, but I get a little nervous because she lives by herself and is on the elderly side of life…)  I was happy to get a honk from a passing car as I put the signs in the yard. 

I was thinking of putting a border of red, white, and blue thumbtacks around the edge of the sign.  That way if some mangy thief in the night thought they would grab and go with my sign they would at least get a souvenir to take home with them.  Then I thought that might be a little aggressive.  Besides, I would hate for my kids to end up hurt in the process.  But, if this sign disappears, then all bets are off. 

I was surprised to hear someone I know mention they thought preschoolers were too young to be introduced to politics.  I disagree.  I don’t want my preschooler to get into the mudslinging, nasty side of politics, but I think a healthy dose of how our government works is a great idea.  As with anything complicated that we introduce to the wee ones, you don’t give them too much information, but learning about the process has been fun.  Besides, the next presidential election won’t be until she’s 8 1/2.  At least she will have a base to work with when that election rolls around.

Besides, people have no problem teaching children about religion.  It is a much more complex, abstract idea.  If you ask me, politics is way easier to understand.  One of the things I love to express to Maggie is that lots of different people have different ideas about politics and religion.  Trying to understand different points of view makes us better as communicators, citizens and individuals.  Just because someone has different ideas than you does not make you better than them or more deserving of good things. 

All that being said, Go Obama!!


One response to “yard sign revisited

  1. I’m with you love – I was practically cut my teeth on school-house rock and I can sing all the words to “I’m Just A Bill”… I admire the way you’re teaching Maggie and can’t wait to do the same for Thompson…

    Be Strong and Carry on!

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