the unlived in house

Some of you might be familiar with my tag “the lived in house.”  I love having a lived in house.  Toys scattered on the floor here and there, as long as they aren’t on the stairs, is part of life when there are kiddos around.  Not everyone in the house agrees with me. 

So as we have come to do on Saturday mornings, today we cleaned the house.  Not much scrubbing going on, a little vacuuming, a toilet swirl, and some clean sheets (having a lot to do with the pink eye Nicholas woke up with.)  But, holy cow, there is not a toy out anywhere.  And then when the other adult finished in a room, he actually barricaded the toys so the kids couldn’t get to them.  As they were running out of rooms and running out of things to do I heard “Go somewhere else and don’t get anything out.”   Being said to a 4 year old.  Forget about the 1 3/4 year old.  He was as confused as he could be. 

The rest of the day we were gone, napping, outside or getting ready for bed.  Unbelievably the house still looks unlived in.  (Except, of course for the various nooks of mine that are forbidden to be touched by anyone but me.  Normally you would think that is to protect my things from the children, which it is to some extent, but mostly to keep my husband from throwing things away, “filing” them on some shelf – never to be seen again, or just moving them around so I can’t find anything.)

Tomorrow I hope the kids get to play again in the house.  I understand not wanting it to look like a bomb went off, but seriously, no toys?  In a house where two kids live?  Really?


2 responses to “the unlived in house

  1. I have to admit, that I like the uncluttered unlived-in look but only because it’s what I’m used to. When we were growing up, my mom would walk around the house patiently cleaning up after us. I am not so extreme. I try to get everything tidied up in the evenings and also if I time, in the mornings before I leave the house. That being said, I never consider barricading rooms or hiding toys…

    Tonight my house looks very lived-in and I don’t mind it a bit. In fact, I’m not going to clean up before I go to bed.

  2. I was a little better until I became outnumbered. But the evenings are when I take “me-time,” so if it’s not done before the kids go to bed, it isn’t getting done! My next project is to teach the almost 2-y-o to clean up after himself!! Hah!

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